halls & room rentals

Christian Organization
Praise City Church Attendees*

*10% discount for Praise City Church Official Members

Other Organizations

Additional facilities/personnel charges:

Light man              50.00 per assistant
Sound man            50.00 per assistant
Projectionist          50.00 per assistant
LCD Projectors     500.00 per session
Par lights              200.00 per session
Moving Heads      250.00 per session
Follow spot          150.00 per session



a) An initial and subsequent telephone reservation must be confirmed in writing by you. The confirmation must include all requirements. All bookings are considered provisional until both parties sign the contract. All bookings are subject to the terms of conditions of the contracts.

b) A deposit of RM200.00 will be taken as confirmation of your booking and is non refundable and non transferable.

c) 50% of the rental fee is to be paid 3 months prior booking and the balance will be invoiced a month prior to the event.

d) A completed application form and cheque made payable to “Praise City Church” must be received to secure and confirm any provisional booking.

e) Provisional bookings can only be held for 14 days.


a) You will need to confirm your final numbers a fortnight before the event.

b) Final payment is due 28 days prior to the event. If there is any query with the invoices, the disputed balance must still be paid on time