friends of honor

eradicating poverty education center

Friends of honor conduct tuition class for our 
community every Saturday from 2:30 PM till 
4.30 PM at the church classrooms at an 
affordable fee of RM10.00 per month.

Our aim is to be responsive to the needs of 
our children in our community. Families that 
are interested will send their children for 
English & Math tuition conducted voluntarily 
                                                    by committed, experienced and skilled 

This enables us to continue to support the economy of our region. You may 
like to meet our teachers or observe a class; for more information please 
call 03-91713616.  I want to serve as a Teacher

impact team

To love people, cherish the neighbours with the love of Jesus and to put a smile on their face. Impact team is about connecting with people. The church is to be a people who love God, love people and love one another. In this way we want to bring glory to God.

The church is to be a people who experience a rich personal relationship with God, who have taste and experience the goodness of God, to tell the untold story of Jesus Christ and desire to reach out to our community in joyful service.

The impact team also provides food aid to the needy families in our neighborhood, invest financially towards the mission, and sacrificially save to help purchase food and groceries for those who need. Your support allows us to be the hands that stretch out to those in need in our own community.

If you would like to know more about 'IMPACT TEAM' please call 03-91713616 or Click Here To Be A Part of PCC Impact Team

community project

Helping out with the Taman Ikan
Emas fire Victims (May 2013)

our recent projects

Distribution of face mask @ 
Taman Connaught during the 
haze period (June 2013