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music ministry
Praise City Church has an experienced, 
well-trained, professional team of musicians 
who play skillfully to enhance our worship 
experience. Every Saturday, they meet to 
practice before the actual worship service. 
The band and crew would gather earlier for 
sound checks and technical run-through to 
ensure that the worship service will be 
carried out without interruption.

worship team
Praise City Church is known for their vibrant 
worship. Worshipers come with expectancy 
and to experience God's presence that lifts 
up their hearts and spirit. Our worship leaders 
lead believers into His divine presence 
through thanksgiving, praise & worship.

Our worship leaders and backup singers 
sing lovely songs of love and praise to God 
and lift up their beautiful voices to worship God. It is an awesome 
experience.  Praise City Church uses up-to-date media and a wide variety 
of musical instruments to enhance our worship experience.

Praise & Worship led by Ps. Aris Siew 
@ 23rd Pentecostal World Conference

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