prayer warriors & intercessors

Praise   City  Church  emphasizes  on  the  importance   of 
corporate  prayer.    Every  first  Thursday  of  each  month, 
members  come together as a church to pray. Besides the 
corporate  prayer  meetings  held  in the  church,  we  have 
zonal prayer meetings held in the homes of our members. 
Certain times are also allocated during each week's home 
cell  for  prayer. Our pastors and staff pray  together  every 
morning for various needs before the start of work.

The  Lord  promises His special  audience  and  blessings 
when we pray. We pray for our church, other churches,  the 
sick,   our  nation  &  government  and  needs  locally   and 

Prayer makes a difference.     
Something extraordinary happens when we pray together. 
The prominent bible commentator, Charles Spurgeon was 
right  when  he told his congregation,  "Brethren,  we  shall 
never  see much change for the better in our  churches  till 
the prayer meetings occupy a higher place in the esteems 
of Christians."

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