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baby dedication

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Praise  City  Church dedicates new born  babies  during baby   dedication   ceremony   to   our  members.   Baby  dedication  ceremony is a public commitment  made  by parents   before   God  and   the  congregation   of   their commitment  to  raise their  child in the fear of God and  to dedicate  themselves  to being   Godly   parents  and  to  raise  their  children   to   the awareness of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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baptism & membership  form

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Water  baptism is a sacred practice for every Christian.   It  is a step  of  obedience in the new believer's life and   an  outward confession  of  his / her salvation in  Jesus  Christ.   Praise  City Church practices baptism by immersion and emerging from the water represents the death of our old self.   Jesus  emphasized the importance of water baptism and the Great Commission  in Matthew 28:19

If you are thinking of water baptism, please contact the church office.

Children's Water Baptism:
The procedure for baptism is full submergence in water and  is performed  by  qualified  pastors.   We  offer  water  baptism to children ages 12 years and above. These children have a clear understanding of the Gospel and a genuine salvation. They are taught  that  baptism  is  the next step in the walk  of  faith,  the reasons and benefits of water baptism.

However,  a  parental approval and consent is   necessary  and verified by filling in a consent form, signed by their parents.

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New  believers  undergo  a church introductory  class  to  inform and  help  new believers understand the history   of  Praise  City Church,  its vision, mission, core beliefs and  values.   We  hope that  every  member  will  be able  and  willing  to  achieve  the church vision and move in unity.

New believers learn the importance for a Christian to be rooted in  a local church and to bloom where they are planted.   Every member is released into ministry and disciple to obey the Great Commission.   New believers discover their purpose in the local church and in God's kingdom.

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foundation classes

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